Sunday, 10 October 2010

The week after the op

I woke in my room at 12 i know it was 12 as that is what was writen in my notes, I remember waking in the recovery room but it was very unclear it was such a large room and very clinical looking . I remember the Nurse stood to my Left saying "Hi Emma its all over " i drifted in and out of sleep for a while i did ask the time " it's 11: 20 Emma" so i had been out for just about 3 hours wow three hours to change my life for ever.

Back in my room there were nurses and health care staff in and out most of the day had a few phone calls allthough they refused to put calls through to me as the staff Protect you for the day of your surgary , No Visitors untill about Tea time that afternoon. I found this very good as you dont really come round untill about then ( well i didnt ).

I did have a very light "tea" on the tuesday it was a sort of very watery soup with a posh name looked like Beef stock . and was a bit salty for me but was the best thing ever having not eaten for almost 24 hours .

Had a bit of a restless sleep but it doesnt help with being woken up every hour to have your Blood Presure and blood suger taken every hour .

Robyn called this evening was really nice to see her ,

Wednesday 14th July 2010

Woken up at 05:00 breakfast was a cup of tea with no milk ( part of the Low residue diet thing)

this was to continue for the rest of the day as i am diabetic i was to be back on my Normal diet from day 2 wow i carnt wait.

Mr Thomas called in to check i was ok and looked at the T bandage it was ok but needed ctightening so got the nurses to do it later that morning even though he had pulled it tight it needed changing so they did it felt as though they were going to Pull my B**** through the top of my head ( well if i had any )

It was at this time i did wonder if MR T had done the op so i asked the nurse ..... " Emma i can assure you IT has gone !!! "

so what happend on wednesday NOTHING apart from the Nurses and health care staff calling in Emma "just need to check your bandage" one thing i will say here is if you are a bit shy at all learn now and leave you Dignaty at the door of the Hospital even better At home .

so they move all your covers bend your legs carfully all with help from the staff and them lift you Bum like in a crab sort of move so they can see under neath yo and make sure your not bleeding , Non was ever found under me at all not to say i havent lost a bit since

Dinner time was the thin soup again of which there were 2 types

Beef consume


veg consume

both brown and both taste very much the same if im Honnest this time i did have lemmon and Ginger Tea which i do like more so than Black plain tea ( but i did get a liking for it )

4 more Bandage exams throught the after noon and that was the most exciting part of my day

and more Beef soup for tea again

Had visits from Susan and Jane today Jane is as bad as ever ,.....

Met Ella today she was to become a nice friend she had give up her op date ont the 13th for one on the 15th for me due to my health she is such a nice lady as i was to find out later in the week

Thursday 15th July 2010

woke at 5 carn't really say woke as i didnt really sleep that well today is op +2 so it was the day i start my Normal diet Not a rgular thing but as im diabetic i was to get eating properly asap to get me off the Insulin Sliding scale and drip i was on (so dont exspect the smae if you go to Brighton)

so Breakfast was Rice Krispies with milk and Tea with Milk and a Muller yogurt wow what a fab brekki after the last few days 8 am is breakfast time so had a few hours just thinking about what i had done it then it really hit me " WOW i am really finished " " what am i going to do with the rest of my life " " what do i have to focus on now ?"

after brekfast its more bandage exams

Had a visit from Robyn today Gosh she is sneeky she went all the way to London and brought a friend to see me this must have been hard for her as he is her ex Bfirend and i think she still hurts from the split Joe just walked in the room and stood ny my bed ,,,,,,, WOW i thought who is this strange man OMG its J wow i was so shocked , they stayed about 3 hours

Friday 16th July 2010 op + 3

Not much happend on friday more Bandage exams drinkinh tea and eating

then OMG im allowed out of bed for the first time 30 Mins am and 30 mins pm that was very uncomfy no real pain as i havent hed any through out the whole Proceses

it did feel very odd sitting i mean there is the T Bandage and the op think about it ....

Saturday 17th July 2010

Big day to day Pack out day and T bandage removal but when would this be ..... i was soon to find out

as Mr Thomas came in about 7:45 " and how ar we today ?" " Im very well " ok lets remove this bandage so covers off and a pair of sissors after 10 mins trying to untie it ,,

Then after all the cotten wool was cleard away the pack was to come out thought i would be warned But no it was so quick i didnt get chance to feel it tickle Then OMG this i was not ready for the 30 cm Dilator was coverd in Luve and ............... You got it stright into my New Lady Bits OMG i was not ready for that i just led on the bed and thought of england ........ what else is a girl to do here i was less than 4 days old and impailed on a 30cm dilator wow

so after 10 mins i was free again i was cleaned up by the nurses and allowed my rice krispies

then paper Knickers and my first sanitary towel lol get use to them for a weeks or so

nice easy day and i could get up and walk so i visited Ella a few times im sure i annoyed her a little

Sunday 18th July 2010 op + 5

D I L A T I N G D A Y !!!!

well its here the dredded dilating day 8 am liz came in brought the stents and a load of other interesting looking stuff

I had breakfast and then it was been shown how todilate time

had to prep every thing

towl on the bed

Kitchen roll in sheets for cleaning up

Aqua jell or Ky Jelly

and your new best friends

i will leave it there for now if any one would like me to go intoit please say so .....

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