Friday, 2 April 2010

Bit of uptodate news

Well i have sacked Mr Terry as my sergon of choice, Having had my srs op cancled twice i have done loads of work to get the sergon changed .
I went to the Gender clinic and asked if it would be poss to go and see a different one they did think it was going to be posiable to do so .... well they umd and arrrd saying it would probably take mths to get it sorted out  so the following monday i decided to find out for myself .

I rang the PCT and spoke to a really nice lady who said she would look into it for me,She rang me back the following day saying she was looking at the files and would ring me on friday , She didnt ring on the friday so i left a message for her and got a call the following monday saying" The gender clinic will be ringing you today with some good news" i tryed to get her to tell me but No ....

I rang the clinic to see if i could get to know what the News was ... but my Nurse was in with a client ,,,,, oh dear  i was then in the Laser clinic for my face zaped ,, when my phone went  the clinic ,,, the news was that my funding would cover me to go to a different surgon ,,,,,,,,,,, YES and this time it will be in a private Hospital in Brighton with Mr Thomas ,,, what a result so when some tells you it will take Mths have a go your self it might be worth it ..... so i now have an appointment with Mr Thomas in Brighton on the 13th of April at 19:15  will let you know the result as soon as i can .