Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Next few weeks

I have in the past few weeks been rushing about like a mad thing trying to get myself ready for the Visit to Brighton. Ive been given a list of things they recomend to take in with you, So its trip to Primark to get some T shirts for sleeping in  Night dresses not recomended as they ride up and can cause problems.

Loads of Panty liners Wow never thought i would have to buy these but good feeling .... lol
16th of June i decide to go to Brighton to visit a friend i made on the net  she is from Aberdeen
so i set off at 8am and drove to my friends who lives in the area and then on to Brighton were Sammi was due for her op this had been put off due to a medical problem so the wednesday was op day  we saw her about 1 and  stayed till she was called for by the porter.

We went back to my friends were she packed i said what are you doing " well i decided to come home with you and look after you untill your op " wow what a fantastic lady  she took 4 weeks out of her life to come home with me .

So we had 4 weeks of getting my house ready for me post op tidying getting rid of Junk buying stuff for after the op like filling the fridge/frezer and cupbords etc .

Then on the 10th of July i did Sparkle ( were i was a stewardess)  we went in to Manchester were my friend Kerry paid for us all to have our nails  done BUT it was pointed out my op was in 3 days and would have to have my new nails removed so it was decided i would sit out this adventure so i did Boo Hoo

The sunday 11th we packed up and set of south to my friends house near Portsmouth stopped over night leaving my suitcase there for afterwards as i was to stay a week or so before we attempted the 250 mile drive back North.

Monday morning  i was to be in Brighton  Nuffield Hospital by 11am  we set off a little late  and got there by 11:20 am  it was so organised once checked in i was taken to my room (14 on the 2nd floor ) and with in 20 mins the Drs were there to take Blood for type matching and things  ( i had had my pre op over the  phone and all the MRSA test at my doctors  so all that had been done )  i then unpacked and settled  down for the afternoon  people poping in and out all day.

My Friend R set my laptop up with the Nuffield WiFi wow that was so good and such a help in the week to come, I was allowed my Tea which was a Low Res diet and was Chicken and mash with carrots  and Black tea which i came to like over the next day or so ,

My friend went about 7 and i settled down to watch some telly ..... I was never tempted to have a TS last stand  which i had been told was a tranidion i wasnt going to partake in  thanks but no thanks !

The following morning i woke about 5am  and just looked out of the window for a while  not sure how long iwas there but the nurses came in at 6am  when Liz said 2 all ready?" Yup i was so had to lie on my side while the Enima was administerd  Not as bad as i had imagined  UNTILL it took effect  i was told to keep it in as long as poss 5 mins was requested i did manage 9 whole minuets  OMG did i have to rush to the loo..... 10 mins later i was ok ish again so i had a quick shower washed my hair afterall i wasnt going to be out of bed for the next 5 days .

Sat in bed in my gown till about 8 when Mr Thomas came in about 10 past 8  i then signed the consent form  and Mr Thomas said " ok Emma see you in the thearter in 10 mins "

I had thought a theatre trolly would come but no  I was wheeled on MY BED to the theatre and in there had to confirm my name  etc they checked my wrist band  and then the 2 canulurs wer eput in one in each hand ,.

One for my diabetis care the other for the drugs needed
1 for antibiotics
2 carnt remember  which stung a bit
3 the one that would knock me out  this stung a bit more than the last one but was told " it will sting but not for long as this one puts you tosleep" " just breath normaly " i counted to 2 and thats the last i remember!


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