Saturday, 9 October 2010

Following a bit of news


I am so sorry it has been so long since my last post  well a lot has happend  i went to see  MR Thomas in march and was accsepted for surgary after i have had some laser hair removal on my Nether region  OMG  but hey its no big deal it didnt even hurt  i think i have become so detached from that partof my body i just dont accespt its there any more .

So i have 3 sessions of laser on the Yukki bits and at the 3rd session after 4 weeks no hair regrowth so the clinic declaire my bits hair free .

I rang the wonderfull LIZ and got a choice of dates the 15th of july or the 5th of August for my OP yes i did say MY OP !

I picked the 15th of July so if the slot in the theatre can be booked its mine .... But she rang back 2 days later  the date had to be changed  to the 13th wow even better if they can get hold of the lady having he op on the 13th and change it for her. they wonted me to have an op in the morning and  so there was a full medical staff team in the hospital because of my diabetis .

3 days go by and another call .............................. ITS ON  MY OP IS SET FOR THE 13TH OF JULY 2010 AT 08:30 AM  ................. O M G  I AM ONE HAPPY  GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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