Monday, 12 July 2010

monday 12th july 2010

Got up today at 8 had to go to the Doctor to get  some medication i left at home  oh silly me
got to Brighton at about 12:30 no sooner thani got hre did i have a blood test  then came lunch  a plain omlet very nice too

people coming and going througout the afternoon  met a lovley girl called Andi 3  rooms  along the coridor  had her op last thursday looking very well and so HAPPY.

had chicken mash and carortts for my last meal watched pirates of the carobean  not bad huh  sleep at about 11
spoke to my sisters  Susan Sammi Kezz And yoyo

had 8 MSN windows open at one point wow didnt know i knem so many people ... Thanks every one for careing

tuesday to come

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