Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Hi Im depressed cos i went for my GRS op which would have been the end of a very long road of transition but it was cancled due to me having a UTI I will have to wait weeks now


  1. Hi Emma, welcome to Blog land.
    You will find if you read others blogs and leave comments that people will become friends here. You can develope a good friends network.
    Happy new year and good luck on the bingo.

  2. Hi Emma...

    Gosh, that was a pain, but for the best reason....

    Let's hope that 2010 brings a better result for you. :-)


  3. Thanks what a nice welcome from you two

  4. A few weeks ago this post, hope you've got a new date by now!

  5. nope and still no new date yet either i am getting very cross about it now

  6. oooo just to let you know i now have a new date for my op 15th of feb 2010 well i go in then the op is on the 16th but whos counting

  7. well tha last date for my op came and went with nothing happening as the stupid doctor cancled it yet again so i changed surgena and went to see Mr Thomas in Brighton and got a date for my on of the 13th of July

  8. Hi people its been a while since i posted on here mainly cos i keep forgetting how to log in ,,,,,
    well I am at the moment in Havent in Hampshire with my very good friend . I am due to go into Brighton Nuffield Hospital tommorow the 12th of july 2010 for my GRS op on tuesday Oh i am in such a mess at the moment as i keep getting the feeling it may be cancled again oh i know its a different sergeon and differnt time but i really can not get it out of my head
    Im going to blog every day as and when i can
    Emma xx